Mattress Size Guide

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Mattress Size Guide

Mattress Sizes

There are many people who believe that the time you spend sleeping is the most important time of the day, as this is when the body is going to carry out all the recuperation and repair work that it needs after a hard day at work. If you want to get those seven to eight hours of undisturbed sleep, the mattress you sleep on should be of the best possible quality. If you cut corners and pick up cheap mattresses, you may end up with a sore back or fitful sleep through the night. Similarly, if the mattress were too small for you, it would also translate into a night of less than optimal sleep. In this guide, we will be looking at the different mattress sizes available, so that you can choose the one that suits your needs best.

Mattress Size Guide

How Big Is a Twin Mattress?

38” x 75”

Often known as single mattresses, the twin mattresses are usually the ones on which your children will be sleeping on for the initial years of their lives. Smaller in dimensions than the queen or the king-sized ones, these mattresses are usually thin enough so that two of these can be fitted in the same room if your kids share one. Suitable from when your child may be a toddler up to their teenage years, this mattress can be an essential part of the growing up years. You must keep in mind, however, that growth spurts that occur later in the teen years may require a change of the mattress size.

If you are an adult, it is highly likely that a twin-sized mattress will be too small for you to get a comfortable night’s sleep. However, it may be the right option for guestrooms or places that have some type of space constraint.

How Big Is a Twin XL Mattress?

38” x 80”

When you’re living in a college dorm room, you already have a lack of space to move around comfortably. If in addition to that, you try to fit in a large size mattress, it is bound to end up in a messy situation. Instead, most dorm rooms have the twin XL mattress, which is longer than the basic twin mattress but not too large. While it will not give you more space on the side, college kids – especially the taller ones – can easily stretch out their legs a lot more with the twin XL mattress.

The use of these mattresses isn’t just limited to college kids. If your teenager is growing taller by the minute and you want to ensure his or her comfort, you should consider the twin XL size. It is usually priced like the twin mattress, but can give you more comfort!

How Big Is a Full-Size Mattress?

54” x 75”

If you are a single sleeper seeking the most comfortable size of mattress for yourself, there is no better alternative than a full-size mattress. Significantly more spacious than the twin or the twin XL mattresses, the full-size one will give you enough space to move around at night. A wonderful mix between the twin and the queen size mattresses, the full-size one is an economical mattress that works well for larger teens as well as young working professionals who are living alone.

However, if you are going to use the full-size mattress for two full-grown adults, you may find that there isn’t enough space for both to sleep comfortably or to toss and turn in the middle of the night without disturbing the other person.

How Big Is a Queen Size Mattress?

60” x 80”

As more and more people are looking to get rid of overtly large beds and mattresses because of smaller living spaces, the most popular type of mattress across the world now is the queen-sized one. Large enough to give two people enough space to sleep comfortably without being too large to fit in most bedrooms, the queen size mattress gives you a level of versatility that you probably didn’t know was possible. Available at vastly different price points, there is a queen size mattress for every budget and every requirement.

How Big Is a Queen Size Mattress

How Big Is a King Size Mattress?

76” x 80”

At 76” x 80”, the king size mattress is one of the largest options that you have in terms of space and comfort. Ideal for people who don’t like sharing their sleeping space, this mattress has enough space that two people get the equivalent of a twin size mattress to themselves every time they lie down. If you have already tried a queen size mattress but weren’t impressed, or if your room is too large, the king size mattress may be the best option for you.

How Big Is a California King Mattress?

72” x 84”

Ideal for taller adults who need more length than width from their mattress, the California king mattress takes away some of the width offered by the regular king size mattress and adds it to the length instead. If you are over 6’ in height, you would probably need a mattress that doesn’t make the ends of your feet hang off the bed. This is that mattress for you. Keep in mind that your room should be large enough to accommodate this.

How Big Is a Crib Mattress?

27” x 52”

Often known as the toddler mattress, this is the option you should be going for if you are looking at a first bed for your child. As the measurements are pretty standard, this mattress will be able to fit into any crib very comfortably. The features that distinguish crib mattresses from regular mattresses are mostly based on safety concerns. For example, the mattress will be firmer than the one you use for yourself. They are also much easier to clean when dirty.

Mattresses aren’t exactly a cheap purchase. In all likelihood, you will be spending over a couple of hundred dollars on the mattress that you sleep on each night. If you are willing to invest this much money in something, the decision you make should be an informed one. You should use this guide to gauge what is the right size of the mattress for your individual needs so that you don’t regret the decision at a later point. Similarly, the price of the mattresses will also differ on the basis of this size – so choose wisely!