Which are the best cotton sheets for your bed?

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Which are the best cotton sheets for your bed?

Percale or Sateen

High quality cotton sheets are soft and breathable. Since we spend a great portion of our lives sleeping, it’s vital that we invest in a good set of bedsheets that add both comfort and durability to our lives. Let’s examine the difference between percale and sateen sheets.

The difference comes down to the weave pattern between percale and sateen. The plain weave of percale is threads alternating in an over under pattern like the lattice of an apple pie. The Satin weave has threads that skip multiple vertical threads and in effect, float over the vertical threads.

Percale is typically airy and light weight. They are ideal for hot weather and keep cool. The texture is more notable, and the sheets remain crisp and cool when wrapped around the body. They can have lower thread counts due to the tight weave pattern.

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Sateen sheets tend to be smooth and luxurious. The weave is looser and gives a more decadent feeling. They can have higher thread counts than percale, this makes the sheets slightly heavier and warmer but also stronger and silkier.

L.L.Bean Pima Cotton Percale vs JC Penney’s Home 400 TC Wrinkle Guard Set

Percale sheets have a tendency to be soft, comfortable and cool. The 280 thread count Pima Cotton Percale Sheet Set from L.L.Bean is consistently a top recommendation for value, softness and breathability. Some more expensive options are a bit silkier but the this offering from L.L.Bean is a great choice that is both crisp and soft. They effectively get softer after washing and crafted with exquisite attention to detail. The result is a beautiful, high quality set of sheets.

Sateen sheets will be slightly silkier than percale. They can remain wrinkle free and less maintenance than percale sheets. The recommendation from JC Penney’s Home 400TC Wrinkle Guard Sheet Set is consistently a top pick among bed sheet experts. They come with both softness, quality construction and are durable for long term use. The sateen weave gives them more warmth than percale sheets and a luxurious feel.

More luxurious alternatives

For a higher end percale option, consider the Percale Sheet Set from Riley Home. The set feels high quality and more luxurious than the L.L.Bean set. Riley offers their sheet set with more color and print options including styles that tend to be more modern and contemporary than the L.L.Bean variants. The Riley sheets have options for both California king and twin XL sizes.

Another alternative to the sateen sheets from JC Penney are the 400 thread count sateen sheet set from Cuddledown. This set rates high in appearance and comfort while maintaining it’s softness and wrinkle free nature. They are lightweight and as luxe as almost any other competitor; even sheets costing five times the price.