Who We Are

Bed or Bath -

Our goal is to serve a specific home niche and do it with efficiency and quality. Both the bedroom and the bathroom are key spaces in your home. They each have their own unique requirements for furniture, flooring, fixtures, and accents. Materials are typically distinct with the bathroom featuring tiles and water resistant materials while the bedroom requires an ambience that is comfortable and relaxing.

We have these key parts of the home down to a science. When it comes to design, colors, or specific fixtures, we have experience in making your bathroom and bedroom as practical and stylish as possible. If it’s a stand alone bath tub or a built in shower, our product selection is second to none. The bedroom is centered around the all important bed, frame and mattress with accent furniture, side tables, and other features completing the room. Use our catalog of home products to make your bedroom and bathroom the perfect combination for comfort and style in your home.